Lineage Spirit-Invocation footage
Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong, traditional Shaolin Fighting Monk [of early 20th Century period] providing an invocation to his Southern Shaolin Five Ancestor lineage. The video clip shows footage of a traditional form used for such invocation purposes, which enabled him to request and receive the spiritual power and Qi to assist him with his teaching of disciples and students. It should be understood that although his lineage teachers had passed on when he was still a young man, the highest level of Shaolin [and Daoist] gong fu is Spiritual. Lineage masters and grand-ancestors who had passed on centuries before being able to spiritually / intuitively continue to teach lineage guardians and inheritors, such as Master Chee, who were pure of heart and maintained the Arts in their true and unaltered forms. This custom was an important distinctive dimension of traditional Shaolin gong fu lineages until recent times. Please note that the invocatory form involved entering each of the four compass points, and returning to the Fifth [Earth / Centre]. In Chinese cosmology there are five, not four, cardinal directions. Presenting this rare and special [lineage spirit invocation] occasion, Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong’s Inner Chamber Disciple, Shifu Alan Tinnion, was personally present: the watch Master Chee is wearing was a personal gift to him from Alan.