About Qi China Martial Arts

We are proud to represent the lineage of Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong - declared a ‘Living National Treasure’ of the Peoples Republic of China - and to teach truly and accurately the arts of his lineage in authentic, unaltered form.

The QI-CHINA ACADEMY OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE MARTIAL ARTS is a POLITICS FREE Martial Arts, UK-based, educational and teaching organisation which provides classes, seminars and courses, and in particular specialist on-line and other educational services – including articles and talks -- detailing and supporting the teaching and preservation of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts in their pure forms.

Please visit our Services and Tuition pages to learn more about what we provide and offer. Over the course of decades UK and international Nan Shaolin Wuzuquan instructors, ranging from heads of UK and international governing bodies to chief instructors of martial arts schools have received detailed personal tuition from the Head and Chief Instructor of Qi China Martial Arts, Master Alan Tinnion.

Shifu Alan Tinnion is a Dr of TCM (Shanghai University), an Inner Chamber Disciple of Shizu Chee Kim Thong and a respected international instructor of rare traditional Chinese external and internal fighting arts. He is a recognised world authority on the systems of Wujiquan – the mother art of the much better known Taijiquan – and Luohan Ru Yi Quan – ‘As you Wish Fist.’


The Academy aims to Preserve, Promote and Develop Traditional, Authentic Chinese Martial Arts as a living and vibrant World Cultural Heritage: we work with other organisations (including in the Far East and China) committed to the same objectives. Qi China Martial Arts is committed to multi-cultural learning and enthusiastically supports Equal Opportunities and Racial Equality: for further details about our policies please visit our Policies page.

‘…do not alter the arts I have taught! They are not my arts, nor yours, nor even my masters and their masters’ masters, but belong to the lineage, Not to a single person! Do Not alter them!…’ GRANDMASTER CHEE KIM THONG

Our educational aims and objectives are wholly derived from Shizu Chee Kim Thong's declared perspective, stated above, to effectively oppose the various threats to the continuance of Traditional Gong Fu. Those motivated by love of these arts, pure and simply for their virtues, and the capabilities they bestow when practised diligently under correct guidance, will find Qi China Martial Arts a very welcome and True home for their potential and life-long development in learning and perfecting these arts.
Qi China Martial Arts is founded on the basis of the old wisdom and principle of ’Guardianship of the pure arts, Unaltered.‘ We are proud to display our lineage and teaching credentials to all.

PLEASE VISIT www.cheekimthong.com to learn more about the Authenticity of these credentials: the site also provides the world's most authoritative on-line biography of Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong.

Why Practice Traditional Gong Fu?

There are many reasons why people can become interested in martial arts, and Chinese martial arts is no exception:
Self-defence, sport, the glamour of martial pursuits, captivation by martial arts heroes of the screen, and the great legends surrounding the figures of traditional martial warriors of past times and centuries, the amazing feats and powers attributed to those Grandmasters and Great Grandmasters. Or simply for the love and inspiration created by the courage and self-discipline with which traditional Chinese martial arts are rightly associated.

Others develop a genuine love and interest in the arts because they hope to learn and gain perfection in some of their more secret forms: some of these seek a way of making a connection with famous lineages, and some of these in turn are motivated by pleasure in asserting their own credentials to be ’Masters’ themselves. The motivations for becoming a martial artist are as varied as the types and temperaments of humankind itself.