Taizu (Tai Chor): (Zhao Kuang Yin)

Zhao Kuang Yin, was the first Emperor of the Sung Dynasty, also known as the Sung Grand Ancestor, or Emperor Taizu, he was famous for his martial arts skills and established his own system, the majestic and graceful characteristics of which are proportion in one's movements, accuracy and a minimum of effort.

The Emperor (reigned 960 – 976) was not only a great military leader and strategist, and a cultured caring Father of his Nation, but also an innovative pugilist. He was not the inventor of the first system of Emperor Fist Boxing (of which there are more than one variety), but gave his name to the greatest of these systems, so that Emperor Fist and his name have ever since been synonymous.

The System is also known as Square Boxing, characterised by distinctive and emphatic linear movements which are visually deeply impressive. The System’s Hand Techniques are no less distinctive, being forcefully applied by simultaneously stamping and exhalation of the Dantien.

He also invented a martial Form, using the Three Section Cudgel.