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Instructor Testimonial

Dr Alan Tinnion, my longstanding martial arts teacher and Master, is a trusted friend and confidante who has remained a True and generous person throughout a period spanning more than 25 years. He is undoubtedly one of the few people that I know who has had a serious influence on my mental focus, well-being, and knowledge of martial arts, which in turn have played a major part in my development as a human being. His professionalism and understanding of martial arts have meant that I never needed to seek an alternative master.

Alan’s skill and talent shine through him, and are a wonderful reflection of the deep and unique relationship with his own Great master, Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong, who is sadly no longer with us and is sadly missed.

I truly believe that my life was turned around once I found the right teacher, and received his correct training. It is as if I have returned to the essential me, the inner man that becomes lost, but who can return to the openness, humility, and great joy of living one’s life with meaning. I gratefully acknowledge these renewed gifts, and am indebted to Alan for guiding me patiently onto the true path of understanding that is eternal.

John Webb


Other testimonials

Youth and pre-adult testimonials from students and parents who have attended Qi China Martial Arts classes:

My son has been enjoying his weekly classes for the last 9 months or so. Under expert tuition he has learned and continually refined many moves, building his confidence and coordination all the time. A culture of self-discipline and respect
for the Art is nurtured within the friendly atmosphere of the classes. Being able to watch the classes, I’ve seen him develop and been able to help him and his practise during the week (when we have time, although he’s beginning to leave me behind now!).

I have always wanted to do Kung Fu and I was very pleased when my Mum found the advert in the local newspaper. I like learning the moves, which are good for my self defence.  Thomas (aged 11 years)

Kung Fu has Greatly improved Thomas’ Concentration and Confidence. He thoroughly enjoys the self-defence aspect of Kung Fu and has benefited Greatly from the Class Discipline. Thomas is very keen to learn more.  Fiona (Thomas’ mother)

I like Kung Fu because it is challenging and it is improving my stamina and balance. I hope to be very good at it in the future.
Joseph (aged 13 years)

Although a little hesitant at first, Joseph is now enjoying the art of Kung Fu. His Fitness and Confidence-building has greatly improved since starting the classes last year, and he is very enthusiastic to master the movements of this martial art.
Fiona (Joseph’s Mother)

My son has been receiving instruction in the Traditional Chinese Martial Arts from Master Alan Tinnion for several months, and thoroughly enjoys the classes. Master Alan Tinnion’s knowledge and gift of the Arts is outstanding; this knowledge being
conveyed to his pupils in a manner which enables them to Develop their understanding of these arts.
In my son’s words, “the classes have given me more inner confidence, Sifu is an Excellent teacher.”
I highly recommend these classes to those interested in the Traditional Chinese Arts.

Keith Potter