Monkey Style (Soo Heng Cheh)

Monkey Style, characteristics of which are its nimble and cunning footwork, agility, and evasive skills.

The origins of Monkey Style Boxing are ancient: the first recorded allusion to it occurred as long ago as the Han Dynasty (206 BCE- 220 CE) where it was reputedly performed at the Imperial Court as part of the ‘Mi Hou Wu Dance.‘

Although small and apparently weak, the monkey is tenacious, extremely agile, fleet of foot, and hard to catch. In particular apart from its aptitude for grabbing, light jumping, controlled falling, and lunging, it is possessed of the ability to turn its hand and arm - once locked at the wrist - into a single, long, and very powerful hand, which it uses for defence or attack.

Practitioners of Monkey Style apply the exceptional evasive tactics and fighting skills of the monkey to their own defensive and fighting techniques in a way which is extremely difficult to counter.