Luohan Quan (Lohan): (The Immortal)

The original Shaolin system. Luohan Quan was created by the expert monks of the Shaolin temple in honour of the 18 Luohans, or immortals.

The characteristics of the system are correct posture, dynamic strength and internal power. The18 Buddhist Immortals, legendary figures whose affinity with mankind is renowned, gave their name to this distinctive ancient Shaolin boxing system. They encapsulate the generation of dynamic power through expansion and contraction of the muscles of the body and its limbs in unison with breath control techniques: the system is therefore not surprisingly renowned for its body posture and fist techniques.

Each Luohan has a special name and distinctive characteristic appropriate to martial skills and powers: in the images and statues depicting the Lohan, each has either a symbolic object or a wild animal in close proximity.