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Become an Instructor


Black Belt Instructor:
Those who have completed the full six year Special Black Belt Instructor Grading Syllabus

Those who have completed a Special Six Month Intensive Teaching Course, which includes the forms comprising the pre-adult syllabus, and instruction in statutory teaching and class management skills, (conforming to our Quality Assurance Policy).
Assistant Instructor:
Those who show the appropriate aptitude, who wish to eventually become Black Belt, or Provisional Black Belt Instructors, may initially become Assistant Instructors under the guidance of a fully qualified instructor, helping the latter to assist with the integration of new students and in other ways.


Qi China Martial Arts will be running special short courses, starting in early 2008, for those who wish to become associate instructors (full Qi China Membership will be required, subject to approval, to enrol on these courses which will be held at weekends (and some additional half-day and evening, weekday slots) for the duration of the course.

These courses are designed for those who may wish to run their own local training clubs teaching styles and disciplines from our Syllabus (Adult or Junior) at a Beginner to Intermediate level, under our guidance, and through our assistance (which shall also include assessment and quality assurance assistance to help the instructor).