Statement: re title 'Grandmaster'

Notice concerning current threats to traditional Chinese martial arts lineages:

‘My Master was awarded the title of ‘Living National Treasure of the Peoples Republic of China’ in his lifetime.

Out of respect for my Master and the memory of my Master, I consider the assumption of the title of ‘Grandmaster’ by his disciples / acolytes to be entirely inappropriate, and entirely at variance with the ancient and Authentic traditional Chinese martial arts traditions by which such titles were accorded.’

QUOTE: Shifu Alan Tinnion. Inner Chamber Disciple of Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong.

To read more please visit: master_disciple.html

Further background information on this topic can be found on this website; some details are provided below:

As regards ‘masters,’ the contemporary world possesses but few who meet the strict criteria used of old, but many who of necessity disingenuously (or genuinely through ignorance of the significance of the title), use it in order to gain students and found and run Chinese martial arts schools.

Sadly for the unwary and inexperienced students of these ‘masters,’ the glory and genius of the lineages and arts their teachers affect to use (but in fact insult) are never truly known or experienced; being in fact tarnished 'improved / simplified' versions, created by those whom the authentic great grandmasters and grandmasters of pre-contemporary times would only have regarded as 'pseudo' masters, unqualified to represent their own lineages.

‘Do not alter the arts I have taught! They are not my arts, nor yours, nor even my masters and their masters, masters, but belong to the lineage, Not to a single person! Do Not alter them!’




















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