Qi China Martial Arts (formerly Chinese Martial Arts Centre UK / Chee Kim Thong Pugilistic and Health Society Malaysia) is an educational and teaching organisation offering specialist classes and Seminars, Workshops, Courses and other services to all who Respect and love Traditional Shaolin Martial Arts in their Unaltered and Pure forms. Our website includes a videos facility providing educational material.

We are proud to represent the lineage of Grandmaster Chee Kim Thong - declared in his lifetime a ‘Living National Treasure’ of the Peoples Republic of China' - and to teach truly and accurately the arts of his lineage in authentic, unaltered form. We are politics-free, committed to equal opportunities and a vision that embraces keeping an accurate record of, and teaching traditional Chinese martial arts styles and systems, including Wuzuquan [Southern Shaolin Five Ancestors System] and the rare arts of Wujiquan and Luohan Ru Yi Quan [Arhat as You Wish Fist], amongst others.


The Head and Chief Instructor of our organisation, Shifu Alan Tinnion, has a unique pedigree in teaching many Chinese, international and UK former and current heads of martial arts schools / organisations through private tuition. He was also responsible for successfully introducing the rare arts of Wujiquan (Mother art of Taijquan) and Luohan Ru Yi Quan to the West for the first time ever, during the 1970's and 1980's at the direct personal request of his Master, Shizu Chee Kim Thong.






Qi China Martial Arts is launching a number of new classes through initiatives in the Bournemouth and Poole area from the autumn. To register your interest please view our information pdf and forward to any friends who would like to learn traditional Shaolin gong fu.